❤️ Health#

bs.health:: Management by scoreboard of the life of an entity.

Safe kill#

safe_kill: Allows to cleanly delete an entity. This function erases the scores of the entity and teleports it to layer 0 before killing it.

  • Players cannot be killed

  • Entities with the tag bs.permanent cannot be killed

  • It is recommended to put the bs.permanent tag to all decorative entities (arrays, item frames etc …)


Kill all zombies:

# Once
execute as @e[type=zombie] run function bs.health:safe_kill

Time to live#

time_to_live: Allows to define the time of life of the entities.

  • By default, this time is 10 seconds (= 200 ticks)

  • The entity will live before being applied the end of life action (default: function bs.health:safe_kill).

  • Before being applied the end of life action, the entity will receive the tag bs.ttl.timeOut during 1 tick

  • You can change each of the default values by opening the file and going to the “CONFIG” section.


Give the Creepers a 10 second life time:

# At each tick
execute as @e[type=creeper] run function bs.health:time_to_live

Give a time to live of 20 seconds to the Cow:

# At least once
scoreboard players set @e[type=cow,tag=bs.ttl.default] bs.ttl 400
# At each tick
execute as @e[type=cow] run function bs:time_to_live

Give an explosion effect to Creepers at the end of their life

# At each tick
execute as @e[type=creeper] run function bs.health:time_to_live
execute as @e[tag=bs.ttl.timeOut] at @s run playsound minecraft:entity.generic.explode master @a
execute as @e[tag=bs.ttl.timeOut] at @s run article minecraft:explosion_emitter ~ ~ ~


If the TTL function is called twice on the same entity, its lifetime will decrease twice as fast.

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