๐Ÿงญ Orientation#

bs.orientation:: This folder contains functions that facilitate the management of the orientation of entities.

Get orientation#

get: Detects the orientation of an entity and stores it on the scores โ€œOriHโ€ and โ€œOriVโ€, corresponding respectively to the angles formed on the horizontal and vertical plane by the orientation of the entity.

Normalize orientation#

normalize: Allows to normalize the oriantations (replace the OriH and OriV scores respectively in the interval [0;360[ and [0;180[)

Set orientation#

set: Allows to orientate the entity according to its scores โ€œOriHโ€ and โ€œOriVโ€. This function has variations on h and v, useful for players for whom the orientation cannot be modified directly via a /data.

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