⌚ Time#


This module allow to get information about the system time.

Enable command blocks

This module uses a command block to get the system time. Be sure that enable-command-block is set to true in you server.properties file.

🔧 Functions#

You can find below all the function available in this module.

System time#


Get the system time corresponding to the real hours, minutes and seconds.

(score) $time.hours bs.out

The real hours

(score) $time.minutes bs.out

The real minutes

(score) $time.seconds bs.out

The real seconds

(storage) bs:out time.hours: int

The real hours

(storage) bs:out time.minutes: int

The real minutes

(storage) bs:out time.seconds: int

The real seconds

(storage) bs:out time.string: string

A formatted string using the following format: hh:mm:ss


The moment we all dread.

function #bs.time:get

tellraw @a [{"text":"It is "},{"score":{"name":"$time.hours","objective":"bs.out"}},{"text":"h, "},{"score":{"name":"$time.minutes","objective":"bs.out"}},{"text":"m and "},{"score":{"name":"$time.seconds","objective":"bs.out"}},{"text":"s. Time to wake up!"}]

Credits: Aksiome

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