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🔬 Dump#


The dump module provides mechanisms for extracting the state out of any “variables”.

🔧 Functions#

You can find below all functions available in this module.

Dump var#


Dump the content of given variables to the chat.


Macro var var [any]: Can be any structured data. The only requirement is that each value must be a valid data or score path:


<entity|block|storage> <target> <path> <depth>


<target> <objective>

View position scores as an array:

function #bs.position:get_pos {scale:1}
function #bs.dump:var {var: ["@s bs.pos.x", "@s bs.pos.y", "@s bs.pos.z"]}

View an undefined score and the player recipe book (with a depth of 1):

function #bs.dump:var {var: {_: "foo bar", recipes: "entity @s recipeBook 1"}}

View the content of the Bookshelf const storage (value must be escaped at the top level only):

function #bs.dump:var {var: '"storage bs:const"'}

Credits: Aksiome

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