🤝 Contribute#

Bookshelf is a community project and can therefore be developed by several people at the same time. To keep the project clean and consistent, it is necessary for the different developers to respect some conventions when developing functions. In the following page, you can find all the Bookshelf standards. This standard is signed by the prefix bs. in the namespaces so you can identify all the datapacks that use it.

To contribute on this project, you must

  • Know the structure of a minecraft datapack (5-10 min to learn on internet)

  • Know the basic usage of git projects (20-30 min to learn on internet)

  • Be accessible to answer questions about your work

For french speakers

Ce projet est réalisé principalement par des membres francophones mais à destination d’un public international. C’est pourquoi toute la lib ainsi que la documentation est en anglais.

Si vous souhaitez contribuer mais que votre anglais n’est pas au point, vous pouvez utiliser des outils comme DeepL puis demander une vérification.