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πŸ“„ File format#

Each feature of Bookshelf implements documentation to provide additional information to developers and users. It must respect the following format:

# INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright Β© <current year> Gunivers Community.

# Authors: <<author 1>, <author 2>, ...>
# Contributors: <<contributor 1>, <contributor 2>, ...>

# Version: <system version>
# Created: <jj>/<mm>/<yyyy> (<minecraft version>)
# Last modification: <jj>/<mm>/<yyyy> (<minecraft version>)

# Documentation: <https://link.to/documentation/page>
# Dependencies  : <<dependency 1>, <dependency 2>, ...>
# Note: <some notes>

# CODE ------------------------------------------------------------------------

We can find various information about the function itself (the example is not exhaustive), of which the following is a complete list:




The list of authors of the function.


The list of contributors to the function. A contributor is someone who helps to create the function without developing it (the one who gives a track to realize the function or the one who fixes a bug for example).


Version version of the system, composed by 2 numbers: major version and minor version (major.minor). Minor is a change in a part of the code while major is a function overhaul.`


Date and minecraft version in which the system was originally created (for history purpose)

Last modification

Date and minecraft version in which the system was modified for the last time


Link to the documentation of the function


List of the dependencies


Allows you to provide additional information about the function such as a description of what the function does, how to use it if the use is particular, the behaviors of the function or the side effects of its use.