🎨 Color#


Facilitate color conversion between various formats.


“Color helps to express light—not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist’s brain.”

—Henri Matisse

🔧 Functions#

You can find below all functions available in this module.

Rgb to int#


Convert a color from rgb to int.


Macro Var color [array]: Vector representing the rgb color (example: [0,255,128]).


Return | Score $color.rgb_to_int bs.out: Color as an int.

Storage bs:out color.rgb_to_int [int]: Color as an int.

Change the color of the nearest zombie’s leather helmet using the rgb format:

# Summon a test subject
summon minecraft:zombie ~ ~ ~ {ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:leather_helmet",Count:1b}]}

# Set the helmet color
execute as @e[type=minecraft:zombie,sort=nearest,limit=1] store result entity @s ArmorItems[3].tag.display.color int 1 run function #bs.color:rgb_to_int {color:[255,0,0]}

Credits: Aksiome, theogiraudet

Int to rgb#


Convert a color from int to rgb.


Macro Var color [int]: Color as an int.


Storage bs:out color.int_to_rgb [array]: Vector representing the rgb color.

Scores $color.int_to_rgb.[r,g,b] bs.out: Vector components representing the rgb color.

Get the rgb color of the nearest zombie’s leather helmet:

# Get the rgb color
function #bs.color:int_to_rgb with entity @e[type=minecraft:zombie,sort=nearest,limit=1] ArmorItems[3].tag.display

# Show the result
data get storage bs:out color.int_to_rgb

Credits: Aksiome, theogiraudet

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