👋 Getting Started#


You can download the datapack on the Bookshelf Manager website:

🔖 Bookshelf Manager

Once you have the datapack, simply drop it in the “datapacks” folder in your world’s files. Then, in game, use /reload to load the datapack.

You can take only what you need!

As it is a big project with a lot of things included, you probably don’t need everything. That’s why we propose you to download it from the Bookshelf Manager. Moreover, some modules can be heavy, such as the bs.block or bs.item that contain search trees. If you download them, the reload can take some time. If you edit the datapack, be sure to compress it in a zip file before uploading it somewhere. In the other cases, the search trees will slow down the upload due to thousands of little files (minecraft limitations oblige).

Coming soon!

A clean installation process is coming soon.

For now, you have to download the content of the Github repository and put it in the “map” folder.
This repo contain all the modules of the lib so it’s heavy.
For this reason, we recommand you to go on play.gunivers.net, where the map is already hosted.

Bookshelf is a general library focus on accessibility, but there is other libraries that can be useful for you. Here is a list of forks of Bookshelf that have a different purpose and other libraries that might interest you:

This section is empty :/

You know a cool minecraft library? Share it with us on our Discord server to let us add it here!

Allow cheats / Enable command-blocks

Be sure that “cheats” are enabled if you play in local. Or, if you are on a server, be sure that enable-command-block is set on true in you server.properties file.

👶 First steps#

Now the Gunivers-Lib is installed on your map (or once you are on the sandbox map), let’s start to make some basic stuff to understand how the Gunivers-Lib work!

First, let’s test if the Gunivers-Lib is correctly installed. To do so, enter the following command in your chat:

/function bs:hello

If the Gunivers-Lib is well installed, you should see “Hello World!” in the chat. If it’s not the case, verify that the cheat are enabled in your world (or command-blocks are enabled in the server.properties file if you are on a server).

Great! Now, let’s play with funny things. Place a command-block in repreat mode and powered.

In this command block, you can enter the command of one of the following example system:

  • LGdir : this system allow you to shoot lasers. To shoot, take a carrot_on_a_stick and right-click on it!

    function bs.example:lgdir
  • Drop to place : this system allow you to place minecraft blocks by dropping the items instead of right clicking on it. Useless so essential!

    function bs.example:drop_to_place
  • Walk Trail : this system create a trail where the players are walking. This trail is made of items corresponding to the block they are walking on.

    function bs.example:walk_trail


This section is in progress. If you have some ideas about how to improves the first steps with the Glibs, please share it on our Discord server.

💬 Did it help you?

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